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What must be considered when generating and printing QR Codes?

Last updated on October 03, 2023

Printing your QR code can be accomplished using a variety of printing methods. It's crucial to ensure high contrast between the QR code and the background to enhance its visibility and recognition during scanning. Inadequate contrast might lead to scanning issues. If you desire, you can also add color to the generated QR code using graphic design software; however, ensure that the code's color contrasts distinctly with the background color.

There are no specific limitations regarding the size of a QR code, as long as the scanner can capture the entire image. Common mobile devices, such as smartphones, can effectively scan QR codes starting from a size of 2.5x2.5cm. When you've determined how and where you intend to print and distribute your code, pay close attention to the print quality. Especially with textiles, it's advisable to create a test print and verify its scannability with your smartphone to ensure sharpness and accuracy.

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