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Can I change a QR code later?

Last updated on November 28, 2023

Indeed, this represents a significant benefit of our service: the ability to modify the target URL of a previously generated QR code at a later time. Your account will give you access enabling you to make these adjustments and monitor your statistics.

You will need to:

  • Signup for a free account on
  • Log in to your account, when you are logged in, you will see the QR Codes link on the left, on the QR Code page you will see a "Create QR" button, click this.
  • You will see a form to setup the QR Code. You need to work through this form to customise the options you want.
  • The type of QR Code you choose depends on what type of QR Code you need:
    • Static QR
      Once generated, the information encoded in a static QR code remains fixed. For example, if you create a static QR code for a website, it will always lead to that specific website. Once you create this and use it, you can not change it unless you reprint or replace the image of the QR Code.
    • Dynamic QR
      This type allows for flexibility. The information encoded in a dynamic QR code can be changed or updated without altering the appearance of the code itself.
      • When you generate a dynamic QR code, it is linked to a web service or a backend system.
      • Instead of directly encoding the information within the QR code, it contains a link to a server or database.
      • When someone scans the dynamic QR code, their device goes to that link to retrieve the information. This allows for real-time updates.

Use Cases:

  • Marketing Campaigns:
    Companies can use dynamic QR codes in advertisements. If they want to change the promotional content or redirect users to a different webpage, they can do so without changing the physical QR code on the poster or flyer.
  • Ticketing Systems:
    In events or transportation, dynamic QR codes can be used for tickets. If there's a need to update information (like a seat change), it can be done without issuing a new ticket.


  • Flexibility:
    Easily update the linked content without changing the QR code itself.
  • Trackability:
    Some services allow you to track how often the QR code is scanned, providing insights into user engagement.

In essence, a dynamic QR code provides a more adaptable and versatile solution compared to static QR codes, making it suitable for scenarios where information may change over time.

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